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Company History

John Moorty Brown, Nathan Glass Boggs, James Anderson, and William E. Blandford founded BROWN BOGGS in 1890 to manufacture quality sheet metal machinery.  Since that time, the name BROWN BOGGS has been synonymous with quality.  

BROWN BOGGS has had a few homes over the past 115 year.  The original plant was located on Wellington Street in Hamilton Ontario until 1930 when a newer plant was purchased at Victoria and Main Streets.  As business increased, BROWN BOGGS built a new plant on Sherman Avenue North in 1950 in order to meet the increase production requirements and in 1952 consolidated all office and manufacturing to this new facility.  BROWN BOGGS operated it's own foundry until 1986, when due to market conditions and product mix, it was no longer economical.  BROWN BOGGS manufactured quality presses in this plant until 1996 when the a manufacturing facility was built at 1362 Osprey Drive, Ancaster, Ontario.   In 2006, Brown Boggs shifted the manufacturing center to Toronto where the tradition continues.

Over the years, BROWN BOGGS has built and continues to support, through parts and service, a variety of machines such as shears, press brakes, hand brakes, roll formers, and a variety of hand operated tin-smithing tools as well as a complete line of Gap, Hi Speed, Hydraulic, and Straight Side presses both unitized frame construction as well as the more traditional steel fabricated tie-rod design. 

Today, BROWN BOGGS specializes in presses only and have developed large bed 4 point eccentric geared presses to address the transfer technology that many companies employ today.  We have also developed the link-drive style of presses, which will increase production and reduce tooling maintenance costs in certain applications.

BROWN BOGGS has always been a family oriented business and the success of the company is a tribute to:

Nathan Glass Boggs President 1903 - 1910
John Moorty Brown Presdient 1911 - 1931
Thomas Aloysius Brown President 1932 - 1949
Colin Brown President 1949 - 1964
Albert Brown President 1964 - 1971
James "Buster" Brown Chairman & President 1971 - 1998
Matthew C. Driessen President & General Manager 1998 - 2006
Joaquim "Jack" Pires President 2006 - Present

As BROWN BOGGS moves forward using our past 115 years of experience, we are confident that with our in-house engineering and manufacturing expertise, we will continue to be one of North America's premier press builders.  

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