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Straight Side

Straight Side

BROWN BOGGS standard heavy duty, Hydraulic Presses are designed to meet and satisfy the customers’ specific specifications. Through constant research and development, BROWN BOGGS has designed a superb hydraulic press using only the highest quality components in its construction.

BROWN BOGGS manufactures many different styles of hydraulic straight side presses in both single and twin cylinder configurations with pressing capacities from 250 tons to 1000 tons.

Dual Processor Press Control

The BROWN BOGGS press control, with dual microprocessor, meets or exceeds ANSI B11.1, OSHA 1910.217 and CSA Z142 press control standards for control reliability. Standard features of the dual processor press control include anti-repeat and anti-tie down.

Four Piece Fabricated Steel Frame

BROWN BOGGS heavy duty Hydraulic Straight Side Presses are built as a four piece construction comprising steel fabricated bridge, bed, slide and columns. The bed and bolster design ensures minimum deflection thereby optimizing the structural integrity and capacity of the press. All components are precision machined and are fitted, keyed and fastened and held together by means of four pre-stressed high-carbon steel tie-rods. This provides excellent noise and vibration dampening characteristics.

8 Point Adjustable Gibbing and Slideways

Eight point gibbing maintains parallelism during the full stroke even with off centre loading and the long slideways of precision hand fitted bronze wear plates provide exceptional stability and longer die life.

Hydraulic System

The main hydraulic power unit is a self-contained system designed for the press. This unit contains a premium filtration system for long life, including pressure filtering of the main pump and an off-line filter/cooler designed to reduce the particulate contamination to a minimum level. The main cylinder(s) is a heavy-duty mill cylinder designed for a regen circuit and mounted to the press via a heavy-duty flange. The hydraulic power unit assembly is designed with variable displacement pumps utilizing load sensor control thereby providing pressure and power limiters, level and temperature sensing, and oil heat exchanger. Speed control is provide in both rapid advance/return and pressing speed of the main cylinder(s) via proportional valving which are set electronically. Safety latch cylinders with control valves to lock movement of slide when press is de-energized.

Press Control

The fully programmable control systems, while displaying all parameters, provides control of velocity through the entire cycle, stroke length, and return stroke or force. All press controls are contained in a free standing moveable console. The press control consists of the Allen-Bradley SLC5/03 with extra slots and a MCR proportional card. The stroke position is controlled via a linear transducer and the tonnage monitoring is controlled via a pressure transducer, both of which are accessed through the operator interface.

Automatic Recirculating Lubrication

Fully automated Trabon re-circulating oil lubrication is provided for all gibs. Oil flow monitoring blocks are monitored through the PLC to ensure safe press performance and will shut down the press in the event of a catastrophic reduction in oil flow.

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