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Dual Processor Press Control

The BROWN BOGGS press control, with dual microprocessor, meets or exceeds ANSI B11.1, OSHA 1910.217 and CSA Z142 press control standards for control reliability. Standard features of dual processor press control include anti-repeat, anti-tie down, brake monitor and chain brake detection.

Four Piece Fabricated Steel Frame

BROWN BOGGS extra heavy bed and bolster design ensure minimum bed deflection of 0.0015" per foot (unless otherwise stated) thereby optimizing the structural integrity and capacity of the press. All components are precision machined and are fitted, keyed and fastened to provide an extremely rigid assembly. This provides excellent noise and vibration dampening characteristics.

8 Point Adjustable Gibbing and Slideways

Fully adjustable eight point square gibbing maintains parallelism during the full stroke even with off centre loading and the long slideways of precision hand fitted bronze wear plates provide exceptional stability and longer die life.

Parallelism and Perpendicularity

Parallelism between slide and bolster shall be maintained within 0.001" per foot at bottom of stroke. Perpendicularity of the slide to bolster during lower half of press stroke shall be maintained within 0.004".


All gearing is manufactured to an AGMA quality grade 10. Eccentric gears are heat-treated and stress relieved steel fabrications and mating spur pinions gears are heat-treated steel forgings. Intermediate herringbone gears are heat-treated steel forgings.

Hydraulic Nut and Tie Rod Design

The tie rods are manufactured from high carbon steel and are tightened to a definite preload by split hydraulic nuts designed to reduce production downtime in the event of a press jamming on bottom.

Adjustable Air Counterbalance

Pneumatic counterbalancing affords smoother, safer press performance and better clutch action at higher speeds and assists in off-setting the weight of the slide and dies. The counterbalance cylinders are mounted on spherical pins to eliminate possible rod binding and incorporates flexible couplings to the certified surge tanks.

Variable Speed Drive

A Direct Current variable speed drive, with regenerative mode for flywheel braking, is provided complete with current limiters. Heat sensors are installed in the drive to detect over temperature and shut down the press if necessary. Remote speed indicator and speed controls for desired speed range are housed in a freestanding moveable console.


Bridge, connecting bearings, replaceable wear strips, and removable lower saddle bushing are all made of high grade alloy bronze and hand scraped to ensure the highest degree of accuracy and maximum wear life. Anti-friction tapered roller bearings are used in the flywheel and backshaft assemblies.

Automatic Lubrication

Recirculated, filtered lubrication is provided to all main and pitman bearings, gibs and counterbalance cylinders. Flow monitoring blocks are used in both the crown and slide in conjunction with heat sensors in all bronze bearings and monitored through the PLC to ensure safe press performance and will shut down the press in the event of a catastrophic reduction in oil flow or overheated bearings. This system is superior to pressure sensing in that it will detect a plugged metering unit to a bearing.

Combination Clutch/Brake

The combination clutch/brake unit has an air actuated clutch and spring actuated brake, mechanically connected to prevent overlap on pickup or dropout. Clutch and brake are adjustable for lining wear and lining inserts can be changed without removing the clutch assembly from the press. Clutch / brake unit is designed with high thermal capacity for maximum single trip rate.

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