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Dual Processor Press Control

The BROWN BOGGS press control, with dual microprocessor, meets or exceeds ANSI B11.1, OSHA 1910.217 and CSA Z142 press control standards for control reliability. Standard features of dual processor press control include anti-repeat, anti-tie down, brake monitor and chain brake detection. Complete diagnostics, both internal and external, of all press system faults are displayed automatically to help reduce downtime. The four standard operating modes are: Off, Inch, Single Stroke, and Continuous.

Fabricated Steel Frame

Rigid, heavy one piece fabricated steel frame fully stress relieved, resulting in minimum deflection under full load conditions.

Ram / Slide

Heavy-duty one piece cast steel box type slide is designed with long slideways and guideways to maintain proper alignment of the slide over it's full stroke. The ball screw connection and replaceable bronze ball socket are both accurately machined and hand fitted to ensure long maintenance-free service.


The main and pitman bearings and the replaceable bronze socket in the slide seat are all made of high-grade alloy bronze. These bearings are hand scraped to ensure the highest possible degree of accuracy and maximum wear life. The flywheel and backshaft assemblies use anit-friction bearings.

Clutch / Brake

The standard clutch/brake utilizes an air-actuated clutch with air-released, spring-actuated brake with control circuits including Dual Fail-Safe Valve. This unit is mounted on the crankshaft to give superior performance while achieving a higher rate of single stroke capability and quicker jogging response.


An automatic centralized re-circulating oil lubrication system is standard. It continuously lubricates the main frame and pitman bearings as well as the slideways and gibs and slide-pitman screw connection. This pressure monitored system automatically pumps and properly distributes the flow of oil to each metered point and continuously monitors itself against electrical system or pump failure and empty reservoir.

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